Male in Chastity Holiday continues…

October 24, 2009

Since beginning this blog I’ve asked myself many times ‘How do those prolific bloggers find the all time to write?’ Sporadic is is much as I can manage.

And talking of which, getting back to Richard and his locked-up-in-sunny-Italy little willy, after locking the CB-3000 on him I gave myself free rein to comment on and compare his enchaste state with my own freedom to be enjoying as much as I desired with Matt.

It was a glorious place, set high up on the hillside and flopping out by the pool to recover from the travelling was the order of the day, the party immediately dividing into the hardened sun worshippers and the lurk-in-the-shade brigade which always includes me! The dedicated sightseers went off later to explore the nearby small town and bring back supplies and supper was a communal effort. As it happens Richard is pretty handy in the kitchen, in that ‘rustling up something tasty out of whatever comes to hand’ sort of way and his contribution was much appreciated. But as I said, he has to put his energies into something, doesn’t he? And I was rewarded with a major blush from him, even if the remark went over most other heads 🙂

I was ready for an early night in more ways than one and sent Richard off to ‘go and get our beds ready’ a bit before 10 o’clock, when most of us were still enjoying post dinner drinks in the outside eating/lounging loggia type thing and Matt and I snuggling comfortably on one of the sofas.

Our room, I should explain, was a sort of semi split level affair set back almost into the hillside, with a main double bedded area up a few steps and a single bed at the lower level between the patio doors to the outside and the ensuite bathroom. Richard had made up the double for Matt & I and was just making up the single when we arrived.

Matt vanished in the bathroom to shower while I criticised the quality of Richard’s bed-making and general preparations. In particular, he hadn’t put out any condoms for Matt as he’d evidently forgotten that he’d bought and packed a supply, as instructed. I’d told him to get a dozen each of three sorts and he scurried to get them out, only to be told just to put out whichever ones Matt preferred. I could see him cringing internally as he had to go to the bathroom to ask Matt who, predictably, said he wasn’t that bothered, which enabled me to send Richard back again with orders to explain that he’d bought all three sorts just for Matt to use so which one would he like to be put out for him etc.

Then we went through a similar round with the two sorts of lube, except that I just told him to put out the sort that ‘was wanted’ and then told him him off for asking Matt when he should have asked *me* about that 🙂

By the time Matt emerged from the shower Richard was beet red with embarrassment so I left Richard to find out if there was anything else Matt wanted while I freshened up myself.

I was slightly concerned that all this interaction with Richard might put Matt off his game, so to speak, but he certainly seemed to be arriving at a state of full readiness while Richard was showering. My suggesting he slide into bed and get it warm for me while I put the boy to bed was purely for the benefit of Richard as I made him stand naked at the foot of our bed while I examined his cock, locked up in its little rigid plastic prison and quizzed him about whether he’d washed himself properly.

I contented myself with giving him an old generously sized pair of floral knickers to wear and sent him to bed with strict instructions about ‘not being silly and trying to play with himself’ (as if he could).

Normally I don’t find it necessary, or natural, to say very much at the foreplay stage, but knowing Richard was just a few feet away, obliged to listen to everything that passed between Matt and me, I found it quite a turn on to compliment Matt on his equipment and technique and vocalise my more torrid feelings. When it come to the sex itself I am by nature quite vocal, so all in all we would probably have been able to supply a complete soundtrack to an upmarket porn film, so it’s a good job we were surrounded by thick stone walls!

I would have enjoyed continuing our little playlet for Richard’s benefit after I’d got my breath back but Richard had already fallen asleep.

You just can’t get the staying power these days 😦


Male Chastity Fun – Holidays with an Enchaste Submissive

October 3, 2009

To get back to my holiday (I wish…), I went with a group of friends to a villa (converted farmhouse perched on a steep hillside actually) in the south of Tuscany. I was accompanied by Matt, an old friend of long standing, who enjoys certain privileges, and Richard, whom I’ve also known for a number of years, but with whom I have a strictly Mistress/sub relationship. It was a chance to get a bit more edgy with Richard in the chastity-humiliation area while also enjoying a good holiday.

We were all meeting up at the airport at some vile hour of the morning for the flight to Rome and R had been instructed to lock himself up beforehand and he was aware of his place in scheme of things for the week. I gave him a cursory external check as soon as we met but until we’d dropped off the luggage, got through the palaver of security and I was finally sitting down nursing a cup of coffee, the state of Richard’s genitals were not uppermost on my mind. After that though I felt able to interrogate him properly as to when, exactly, he’d locked himself up; and when was the last time he’d had a dirty little wank and so on, and which he found a suitably embarrassing in front of Matt. The rest of the party started arriving after that so I contented myself with little things like making Richard carry all of the hand luggage while Matt and I strolled around the airport shops unencumbered.

Once we’d arrived at the villa and sorted out the room allocations I was able to turn my attention properly to Richard, and have him strip off so that I could replace the little plastic ‘travel lock’ on his CB3000 with a proper padlock. I just love the feeling of having him stand naked in front of me, hands on head while I stand nose to nose with him, looking him in the eye as I slip the padlock through the securing rod. I could feel him stiffening up, or trying to, as I assured him that once the padlock was locked his chastity device was staying on for the duration of the holiday, 24/7, so no more pleasure for him.


The Unmarried Cuckold

September 18, 2009

Back after holidays, house renovations and 101 other things of a busy summer!

Now “unmarried cuckold” – that’s a contradiction in terms isn’t it? After all the basic definition of a cuckold is a man with an ‘unfaithful wife’. Despte this, I know both from personal experience and talking with like minded friends that ladies who express on-line any interest at all in cuckoldry or related areas, like compulsory chastity, will receive requests* from men asking you to “be your cuckold” or some similarly expressed wish?

Are they a bit dim? Are their requests to be read as some sort of bizzare marriage proposal?

Well… perhaps no on both counts, I think. (Wildly over-optimistic, definitely though!)

What we are seeing here is an evolution of meaning to suit new circumstances. As new types of relationships evolve in a changing society (open non-religious polygamy, in Western society for example) language must change to accommodate them. The hopeful correspondents are, in my experience, saying they wish to enter into a relationship where she will indulge her sexual needs as she pleases but he will remain either monogomous to her or, more commonly, in a state of enforced chastity.

I did once read, or was told that there is a more apt word for this sort of thing, which is ‘geldault’ rather than ‘cuckold’ (I may not have the spelling correct though!) derived out of the the same Middle English word root as geld/gelding in the same way as ‘cuckold’ is derived out of the Middle English for ‘cuckoo’.

I now feel too overwhelmed by that attack of erudition to pick up my intended thread for this blog entry, so perhaps I’ll come back to that, my holidays and all else shortly.

Good to be back


* ..though one does get the feeling that if these requests were coming in by snail mail rather than email, most of them would be written in big letters with a purple crayon 😉

Circles and Circumstance

July 19, 2009

I have been asked what my relationship is with my ‘boys’, the enchaste ones, and the answer is, like most relationship questions, “it varies”. I have what I generally refer to as my ‘household’, which is an inner circle all of whom stay over/live-in at various times – it can get crowded sometimes, but what the heck – they’re submissives: I can store them in the cupboard under the stairs 🙂 They’re all independent people – highly mobile ones in a couple of cases – so one week can be quite unlike another, but the fluidity suits me. Except when I’m up to my ears in everything when they just have to take their blue balls and run along with them.

Outside of that I have people who want me to control them …or part of them… and if they can enrich my life and experience in some way I’m quite open to engaging at some level. And just to be clear, I’ve never found ‘keyholding’ in a Pro-Domme sense to be a worthwhile experience and I don’t do it, although I have scene friends who offer the service and find it integrates well with their other services. Different strokes as they say.

That’s about it, apart from the cats, but they faced the ultimate in chastity play some time back…

The Spy in Your Underpants

July 10, 2009

This is pretty old hat – or old knickers – as news goes, but I’d not come across it before.

It’s reported that an Italian inventor has developed a “chastity timer” which attaches to the elastic of a normal pair of men’s or women’s underpants and records the frequency and length of time that the undergarments are removed.

“There will certainly be a market for it,” Giuseppe Cirillo said. “Couples who want to demonstrate their fidelity will wear it.”

Given that there remain many situations where it remains impractical to send one’s subbies out into the wider world with miscellaneous hardware locked around their nether regions I’m rather taken with the idea of having them wear an electronic underpants monitor instead. Attach it to a nice pair of all-enveloping pink silky long-legged knickers and you can be sure he hasn’t dropped them other than for the bare minimum of time to do his necessary business periodically.

Sadly the idea appears to have sunk without trace, as far as my rusty italian can determine!


Do I Need a Reason to Lock You Up?

June 27, 2009

I have been reading some ‘enforced chastity fiction’ here and there and so often half the story seems to be given over to setting up some elaborate scenaro as to why such a thing might be justifiable. This puzzles me. Isn’t the fact that I want to reason enough?

Let’s face it – although having me locking up your cock for an indefinite period might not be what you actually want, you must have at least contemplated the possibiliy of such an occurence as you sought entry into that charmed company, the circle of my devotees. And now…well, it goes with the territory. So – are you going to tell me I need a reason before I can do it?

Every day you can wake up comfortable and yawning, scratching at that early morning erection of yours, you can do it because I’ve decided you may. Equally, if I decide you may not, then on goes a device, your cock forced inside a cage and an enclosing ring locked around your balls. Then you can wave bye-bye to those simple pleasures. You can learn to keep those early morning erections under control, or you can savour a little of what it must feel like to have your testicles put through a mangle as they try to squeeze through the narrow slot between cage and ring.

I’m told that if you wear close fitting underpants it helps damp down those ‘straining to get out’ erections, but sometimes I just like to see them develop, the pressure of the frustrated erection attemping to slide the whole cage-and-ring combination down your shaft. It looks like its trying to tear your testicles off at the root, and the squealing and yelping suggests that you don’t find it very comfortable. It is amusing to watch though… 🙂

Ten Commandments of Compulsory Chastity

June 22, 2009

I came across an amusing page today called The Ten Commandments of Compulsory (Enforced) Chastity where the author writes of ‘the rules’ that should apply when a sub is collared and owned.

Since the rules begin with “She owns you so she can do whatever she with all the bits she owns ” (my paraphrase) I think it fair to say it picks up the whole Dom/sub dynamic very strongly.


Is That Comfortable?

June 13, 2009

Just in case you might be wondering in your own mind what it feels like to be put into a chastity belt, here’s something to muse over…

So first that hair’s going to have to come off. Have you ever shaved yourself clean down there? Well it’s time you learned. Then when you’ve shaved go over the area with hair-removal cream – I want it as smooth as a baby’s behind. Only then are you fit to be fitted.

Lubrication is a must, so we’ll take that cock of yours, all freshly scrubbed. naked and pink, just like a little baby’s – what? You think it’s bigger than that. Yes. Of course it is. You go right on telling yourself so… Anyway we’ll take your dinky little man and massage some baby oil into it until it’s all slick and slippery. Feels good? Make the most of it…

Now, which device? Let’s say …a CB3000, shall we? So first comes the back ring: slip it under those oily balls, and squeeze it closed. I’m told that often feels quite good…firms your erection. Ironic really 🙂 Slip the securing peg through and it’s settled in place.

Now it’s time for your cage. I do hope you’re not going to be awkward and sport a little stiffy, just to vex me. Because then I’ll have to get my ruler – the nice whippy plastic one, and give that prominent little stiffy a smack or two, or three or five. As many, in fact as it takes to make it go away. And it wil…eventually. So now you have a proper little floppy one again we can slip it inside its new plastic home, where it belongs. Line up the pins and push it home and you’re all encased.

But there’s one thing more, isn’t there. The lock. Mustn’t forget that 🙂 So the lock goues through the guidehole in the centre pin and ‘click’ you’re locked in.

Let’s savour that for a moment. That thing is locked around your genitalia. Nothing you can do about it. I’ve locked you in it; I have the keys, here, and you’re going to be going around wearing that curious set up until I decide otherwise.

Go on, give it a cautious tug. Not coming off, is it, nor without tearing your balls off.

Have a feel of it. Stroke your cock – oh, you can’t. You can grasp the cage, hold it like it was flesh. But it isn’t. It’s cold, hard unyielding plastic, and that’s all you can feel to hold and all that your cock will encounter from now on.

Better get used to the idea…

Wearing A Male Chastity Belt Means…

June 10, 2009

1) Waiting for an empty cubicle stall before you can take a pee.
2)Never having to wonder whether the other guy’s is bigger than yours: it always is now
3)Feeling the lock tap, tap tapping against your encased cock as you walk along
4)Learning how to shave your cock and balls properly, unless you enjoy having stray pubic hairs getting trapped and pulled out by the roots
5)Learning to love moisturisers and baby oil
6)Discovering just how many night-time erections you used to get
7)Deciding whether you prefer crushed erections or your balls ripped off. It’s your choice, honestly 🙂
8)Wondering whether having a finger stuck up your bum might be preferable to keeping those balls achingly cum filled
9)The number of multiple orgasms more than you that She can have has gone up by one.
10)Never having to worry about whether you’re a crap fuck. You are noe 😉


It’s not Enforced Chastity If You’re Not Bothered by It

June 9, 2009

From time to time I come across blogs or webpages from both Dommes and male subs mentioning – celebrating, even – that he, the sub, is now ‘settled’ in his enchaste state and no longer misses his former functionality.

Excuse me? That’s mean to be a good thing?

Now each to their own but personally I’d have them out of their chastity belt pronto and get them wanking their way back to full performance ability pronto.

Before you start thinking that this is just because I’m full to oveflowing with the milk of human kindness, let’s think about it for a moment. Take Paul, who at this very moment is probably fingering the rigid plastic locked around his cock and wishing he could the enjoy the simple pleasure of an erection, let alone an orgasm. I know he’s locked away safely in it because the keys are right here in front of me 🙂

Anyway, Paul doesn’t like golf – definitely agrees with the saying that it’s a ‘good walk spoiled’. Given that, what would be the point of my exercising my Domliness by denying him the right to play golf? “Yeh, OK, no problem.” is not much of a turn-on reaction, now is it?

Nonononono. I want my boys (potentially) fully functioning: I want their hot little cocks desparate to become erect, bulging against the confines of their steel or plastic prisons, while they futilely tug at the lock and I dangle the keys under their nose in denial. Yum.

Impotent men in chastity? Not for me 😉