Male in Chastity Holiday continues…

Since beginning this blog I’ve asked myself many times ‘How do those prolific bloggers find the all time to write?’ Sporadic is is much as I can manage.

And talking of which, getting back to Richard and his locked-up-in-sunny-Italy little willy, after locking the CB-3000 on him I gave myself free rein to comment on and compare his enchaste state with my own freedom to be enjoying as much as I desired with Matt.

It was a glorious place, set high up on the hillside and flopping out by the pool to recover from the travelling was the order of the day, the party immediately dividing into the hardened sun worshippers and the lurk-in-the-shade brigade which always includes me! The dedicated sightseers went off later to explore the nearby small town and bring back supplies and supper was a communal effort. As it happens Richard is pretty handy in the kitchen, in that ‘rustling up something tasty out of whatever comes to hand’ sort of way and his contribution was much appreciated. But as I said, he has to put his energies into something, doesn’t he? And I was rewarded with a major blush from him, even if the remark went over most other heads 🙂

I was ready for an early night in more ways than one and sent Richard off to ‘go and get our beds ready’ a bit before 10 o’clock, when most of us were still enjoying post dinner drinks in the outside eating/lounging loggia type thing and Matt and I snuggling comfortably on one of the sofas.

Our room, I should explain, was a sort of semi split level affair set back almost into the hillside, with a main double bedded area up a few steps and a single bed at the lower level between the patio doors to the outside and the ensuite bathroom. Richard had made up the double for Matt & I and was just making up the single when we arrived.

Matt vanished in the bathroom to shower while I criticised the quality of Richard’s bed-making and general preparations. In particular, he hadn’t put out any condoms for Matt as he’d evidently forgotten that he’d bought and packed a supply, as instructed. I’d told him to get a dozen each of three sorts and he scurried to get them out, only to be told just to put out whichever ones Matt preferred. I could see him cringing internally as he had to go to the bathroom to ask Matt who, predictably, said he wasn’t that bothered, which enabled me to send Richard back again with orders to explain that he’d bought all three sorts just for Matt to use so which one would he like to be put out for him etc.

Then we went through a similar round with the two sorts of lube, except that I just told him to put out the sort that ‘was wanted’ and then told him him off for asking Matt when he should have asked *me* about that 🙂

By the time Matt emerged from the shower Richard was beet red with embarrassment so I left Richard to find out if there was anything else Matt wanted while I freshened up myself.

I was slightly concerned that all this interaction with Richard might put Matt off his game, so to speak, but he certainly seemed to be arriving at a state of full readiness while Richard was showering. My suggesting he slide into bed and get it warm for me while I put the boy to bed was purely for the benefit of Richard as I made him stand naked at the foot of our bed while I examined his cock, locked up in its little rigid plastic prison and quizzed him about whether he’d washed himself properly.

I contented myself with giving him an old generously sized pair of floral knickers to wear and sent him to bed with strict instructions about ‘not being silly and trying to play with himself’ (as if he could).

Normally I don’t find it necessary, or natural, to say very much at the foreplay stage, but knowing Richard was just a few feet away, obliged to listen to everything that passed between Matt and me, I found it quite a turn on to compliment Matt on his equipment and technique and vocalise my more torrid feelings. When it come to the sex itself I am by nature quite vocal, so all in all we would probably have been able to supply a complete soundtrack to an upmarket porn film, so it’s a good job we were surrounded by thick stone walls!

I would have enjoyed continuing our little playlet for Richard’s benefit after I’d got my breath back but Richard had already fallen asleep.

You just can’t get the staying power these days 😦


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10 Responses to “Male in Chastity Holiday continues…”

  1. slave david Says:

    i find your lifestyle fascinating. You seem to be having your cake and eating it as all ladies should . i, myself ,am kept in chastity by my English Mistress 24/7 and have been for months and probably for a long time to come(no pun intended) simply because it pleases Her. More power to your elbow! Best respects, David

    • lady1auren Says:

      I am glad to see you realise that ‘because it pleases her’ is reason enough to keep you locked up, much as I commented in my post ‘Do I Need a Reason to Lock You Up?’

      Assuming your Mistress gives you permission to comment publicly, do you find you miss having freedom of erection and orgasm less as the months pass or do you feel its denial as strongly as ever?

  2. Enasppers Says:

    Interesting issue, I didn’t thought this was going to be so stunning when I looked at your link!

  3. cuckysimon Says:

    perhaps i am “institutionalised” but I crave the cofinement and control that enforced chastity affords. I applaud you Maam – you are truly an understanding Gaoler and I just love your literary style. Just wish you had more time to add to this blog! thank you

  4. Peter Says:

    First of all I want to mention that I like vanilla style relationships. However after reading this story i liked the fact that some woman could seduce us males and make us like good doggy, by denying us. As a man I found it very unfair and humiliating, but on the other side it would be very noble if male adore his girl in such way. I’m not sure if I don’t like this idea of my ego, but I understand that it would be beautiful (well not easy, but still beautiful) relationships.

    Best Regards Peter

  5. Tim Says:

    Hey Lady Lauren,

    Any chance of an update?! Love your writing 😉

  6. crayle Says:

    How do you feel about keeping your male nude (except for the c-belt of course!) Somehow it makes him more vulnerable and embarrassed, particularly if he has to remnove all his body hair!

  7. SlaveS Says:

    Your subs seem very lucky lady. May i compliament you on keeping the clean an cared for?

  8. msscarlet9015 Says:

    May I say that your meaness is a delight. I adored your last two entries so much. Repeatedly instructing R to ask M which condoms should be put out is wonderful, but then to berate R for understandably asking Matt about the lubricant – pure magic! And the inspection of R and the big knickers, just before bedtime. Also fantastic. Your aproach to humiliation is an inspiration. Please submit more posts when you egt the time.

  9. Chastity Says:

    I do find it interesting that males can be so loyal to his mistress. This is a new world for me which I’m currently exploring and I’m enjoying reading about all the different fantasy’s.

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